I do three things:

I Practice Law

As a lawyer, my specialty is representing indigent death row inmates.  I don’t really do this for the money, as it doesn’t bring in very much.  But it can be extremely satisfying work.  You can’t hire me.  I work only by court-appointment, and don’t accept paying clients.

I Teach Law

I am also a law professor.  I teach the class on Anglo-American Common Law at the University of Düsseldorf.  This class gives German students a broad overview of the common-law legal system, concentrating on the areas of torts, contracts, constitutional law, civil procedure, and conflict of laws.  The class is taught in English using the Socratic question-and-answer method.  This is unusual for Germany, where most law school classes are straigh lectures.  But my German students tend to pick up on it very quickly, and some of the most stimulating classes I’ve had have been here.

I Research Law

I have published several articles and essays in the area of criminal procedure and constitutional law.  Please feel free to visit my CV if you’d like to know what they are.  I am now working on a few pieces that address comparative criminal law and procedure: that is, comparing the way in which the United States and other countries think about and go about defining what is illegal, catching and prosecuting criminals, and sentencing them.